Third Party VPN

The Third Party Virtual Private Network service provides a secure means by which suppliers can access school based systems from their own support desks.  This allows them to remotely manage their devices which should result in faster response times and lower support costs.

  1. The service is part of HICS and as such there are no additional costs to the schools or their suppliers for using it.
  2. It is important to understand that neither HCC nor Updata can provide technical support for third party suppliers in relation to installing and using the VPN client.
  3. The service can be used to manage the entire network of a school or to manage just a single device such as a Moodle server.
  4. Suppliers may have more than one account but usually they would have just one on which the appropriate access rights for all of their client schools are enabled.
  5. All use of the VPN service is logged … for your security.
  6. We cannot guarantee that the VPN service will work in any particular location for any particular supplier.

Signing up for the third party VPN service

Our procedures might seem rather bureaucratic but the security of your school network and school data are involved here and so we need to take appropriate precautions.  We think it is important that Headteachers, or senior leaders, are aware that third party VPN access into school systems is being implemented and so we ask that the original application come from them.

First your Headteacher, or other senior staff member, should apply for the service for your school.  There is a form for that here to be filled in together with your supplier: VPN-Application VPN-ApplicationPlease return the form by FAX if possible.

The Service Desk will then liaise with Updata to set up the service for your supplier.  If your supplier already has a VPN account then your access rights will be added to that existing account and the Service Desk will inform the supplier when access is ready for testing.

If Updata need to create a new account for your supplier the Service Desk will send him/her a .pcf file and login details.  Your supplier will also need the appropriate CISCO VPN client which, if they have an existing relationship with CISCO, they may be able to obtain by that route.  If not the clients are available for download from here:
(We have put them on the HGfL Intranet because CISCO don’t like them to be published in the public domain.)

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