Technical Services

We have many technical services which will add value to your HICS experience at no additional cost. (See the links below or access these pages from the menu above.)

Updata manage the schema of internal IP addresses for all HICS sites.  There is information here about what to do if you are running out of internal addresses and are looking to extend your subnet.  Sometimes additional subnets are required for example when schools introduce the Transparent Proxy Service.

Updata also manage the DNS requirements for the “” domains of HICS connected schools.  If you should need a DNS change … for example you are changing your website host … then please contact the Service Desk to organise the editing of your DNS records.

For browser access from the Internet to school-based devices like Moodle , Exchange Server or other portal devices secure access through port 443 can be arranged through the Service Desk.  We also provide very secure VPN accounts for 3rd party suppliers who wish to remotely manage their equipment on your site and for school staff particularly network managers and MIS managers who wish to access their systems from home.

Some schools run their own Exchange Servers (or equivalent) to manage their school email accounts.  HICS does not include email services as such but of course we are involved in the transport of mail to and from school-based Exchange Servers.

If you are interested in monitoring the bandwidth being used at your site in near real-time that is straightforward.  You also have access to Updata’s continuously running test of the WWW service … what they call their User experience test.

Finally we also provide support for those using Video Conferencing services.

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