RM’s SMTP Feed

We are having quite a lot of reports that schools who use RM to deliver their email, are experiencing problems. With this in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to post about the issues. This isn’t anything to do with HICS and I am afraid it is something the schools in question will need to take up directly with RM.

There is a specific design for schools using RM’s SMTP service. Updata do not provide any SMTP feeds/relaying in the Hertfordshire network. There is a VPN tunnel between the Updata core and the RM SMTP servers, in which traffic between the two parties is passed. RM use the public IP range of as a dedicated SMTP feed for the Hertfordshire schools, and Updata simply provide the routing of traffic between the school and RM. There is no firewalling being done by Updata on this VPN. This setup was duplicated from the previous ISP (Virgin).

Any problems with email not being delivered promptly should be reported to RM. This is because schools have a contract direct with them and RM are reluctant to speak to third parties, such as myself. The bounce backs are generated by ‘..ifl.net’. ifl.net is Internet For Learning at RM. The telephone number for them is 0845 404 0000.


Kevin Crawley

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Heartbleed Bug

Here is some recent information from third party websites on how the bug may affect your internet browsing and download performance. We have asked Updata to provide a statement as to how this should affect HICS users.



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LD5 issue

There are some performance problems. Updata are investigating.

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LD5 issues

There are problems on LD5 again unfortunately. Sorry for the disruption, Updata are dealing with this. As I said earlier, a change is being implemented tonight which should hopefully resolve these issues once and for all.

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DoS for LD5 schools

There are internet issues again this morning for schools connected to the LD5 data centre. This is logged with Updata and I’ll update this post accordingly. Please note the new firewall solution is going into LD5 tonight so hopefully this will be the last time you experience issues related to this.

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