Service Desk

To contact the Service Desk:
Phone: 01438 844777 (option 1 followed by option 2)

Opening times are:
Monday – Thursday 08:00 – 18:00
Friday 08:00 – 16:00
(Closed on Bank Holidays)

Sharon, Steve, Elaine, Charlotte and Ellott are your specialist Connectivity Service Desk operators.  They can deal with most connectivity requests/problems including:

  1. Complete or intermittent loss of connectivity at your site
  2. Web filtering
  3. VPN services … staff and third party accounts
  4. DNS changes for “” domains
  5. Connectivity between school-based devices and the outside world
  6. Connectivity between one school and another
  7. Video conferencing
  8. Internal circuit rerouting  (eg changing your server room)
  9. External circuit rerouting (eg planned building works)
  10. Adding new services such as the Transparent Proxy or School Managed Web Filtering
  11. Adding or increasing internal subnets

If you know exactly what you want it’s usually most efficient, especially if IP addresses or other technical information is involved, to simply send them an email with the details of your request. Otherwise please call them.

The Service Desk will provide first line support.  This means:

  1. Web filtering changes will be implemented directly from the Service Desk.
  2. Often they will know the answer to any connectivity problem but where they do not they will raise it with Updata and take responsibility for keeping you informed of progress towards the resolution.
  3. Where a Service Request (SR) is needed by Updata (such as a DNS change or a firewall rule for connectivity from the Internet to school based equipment) the Service Desk will raise the request on your behalf and let you know when it is complete and, where appropriate, ready to test.

We are always pleased to have feedback about the quality of service you receive from the Service Desk.  If you have any comments/suggestions/complaints/compliments please contact:

Kevin Crawley
Schools Connectivity (HICS) Service Coordinator
01438 844809