HICS Network Issues

Updata after consultation with HICS and HCC, have decided the next step is to revert the changes made to the Netsweeper filtering platform and put everything back as it was prior to the attempted upgrade.  They are expecting this work to take 4-5 hours to complete from 13:00 on 26/06/17.  HICS/HCC are in close communication with Updata and if we receive any updates between now and the close of business, we will communicate them.

Known issues:

  • Transparent proxy network is completely down at all sites within HICS
  • SSL Inspection has been turned on at all sites regardless of if it was on previously
  • Access to the Netsweeper proxy admin console is unavailable
  • WSUS synchronisations are failing
  • GSuite/Chromebook connection issues relating to SSL inspection


There may be some localised issues however once the change has been reverted these should be resolved.

We can understand the frustrations this loss of service is causing, rest assured this is being raised to the highest level within HfL/Updata & HCC.

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