Web Filtering: Devolved AD integrated

This is a service that allows schools to control their own web filtering policies above our WF1 baseline.  There are no additional charges for using it.  With this service you will be able to:

  1. Manage individual policies for each of your Windows Active Directory groups.  A policy consists of a set of allowed and denied website categories and can include lists of specifically allowed or denied websites.  The default starting position for each policy is equivalent to our WF3 central policy.
  2. Deploy those policies to your AD groups.
  3. Create and run your own reports showing web activity by user.

You will not be able to:

  1. Change the category of any particular website.  The categories apply across the whole HICS network so if you think a site is wrongly categorised you should contact the Service Desk.
  2. Make a site accessible if it is denied under the central WF1 policy (ie if it lies below the HICS baseline).  If you believe that a site has been wrongly categorised so as to be below the baseline please contact the Service Desk.

Please note that integration between Netsweeper and your AD only works where a single IP address is associated with each user. If you use Terminal Services, for example, where a single IP is associated with multiple users then the last user to login will set the policy that is applied to that IP and therefore to all users currently logged on.  So it will only work correctly if all of your Terminal Services users have the same filtering policy applied to them.

There’s a lot more detail about managing the Devolved AD integrated filtering in this document:

If you decide to go ahead you first need to do some preparatory work on your AD structure and then send some information about that structure to the Service Desk.  They will liaise with Updata and then send you details of your account.

The changes required to your Active Directory are explained here:

The information required by the Service Desk should be sent on this form:

Once your account is set up you will also need this windows agent:
(To avoid problems this compressed file will download as .txt … please rename to .rar before using.  If you need a .rar opener there is a free one here:

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