Training Resources (Updated November 2017)

Below are a selection of videos which will provide you with an overview of RM SafetyNet and RM SSL Connect.

At the bottom of the page you will also find a list of popular RM SafetyNet technical documents.

RM SSL Connect

How to add users to RM Unify

How to add the RM SSL Connect tile into an RM Unify dashboard

How to install the RM SSL Connect MSI

How to connect to your school using RM SSL Connect

RM Unify security features

RM SafetyNet

Please note the video below shows a demo proxy server address, rest assured these will still be WF1, 2, 3 etc.

Please note that User Based Filtering within RM SafetyNet will not be avalible during the HICS migration period:

Popular RM SafetyNet Technical documents:

How to deploy the RMSafetyNet SSL certificate (Must be completed before your school migrates)

How to manage admin users in RM SafetyNet

How does filtering work in RM SafetyNet

How to change account settings in RM SafetyNet

RM SafetyNet – Common URL requests for unfiltering

How to unblock a website in RM SafetyNet

How to use search rules in RM SafetyNet

How to use web rules in RM SafetyNet

How to use web access policies in RM SafetyNet