FTP Filtering

Access to FTP download sites the proxies is filtered to help keep the network safe.  It isn’t possible to implement FTP filtering with the same granularity as we do for web (HTTP) access but we do run an FTP Allow List.

After more than a decade of operation this list contains most of the popular sites for downloading device drivers and other technical information.  If you do come across a new site to which access is denied then please contact the Service Desk with the details and they will liaise with Updata to have that site added to the FTP Allow List.  This will normally be complete within a couple of hours.  The FTP Allow List is quite independent of any web filtering policy that you may be using …. changing your HTTP filtering policy will not affect FTP accessibility.

FTP Clients

By default all FTP communication between schools and the outside world is blocked by the firewall except where it has originated from the proxies … which in turn will only be dealing with the request if the site is on the FTP Allow List.

Many users also employ an FTP client (such as Dreamweaver) to manage an external website using the FTP protocol and not involving the proxies.  The default position will be that this access is blocked at the firewall which will need a specific rule to allow the required access.

So if you need to manage an external website from within school you should to contact the Service Desk with the following information:

  1. The internal IP address of the machine from which you will be doing the management.  (You could alternatively have access allowed for your whole subnet.)
  2. The external IP address of the site you need access to.

The Service Desk will then liaise with Updata to have the firewall updated and will let you know when access is ready to test.


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