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Anything connected with the Netsweeper web filtering service

SSL Inspection

As part of the migration to the new HICS network it’s important that you deploy the RM SafetyNet SSL certificate to your network computers and any standalone devices,  as SSL inspection will be turned on for all sites from the … Continue reading

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Prevent alerts now available on HICS

We are pleased to inform you that HICS now has an added layer of protection for its users. Schools can now opt in to receive emailed alerts notifying them when local sessions have accessed websites with extremist related content, in … Continue reading

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Filtering platform upgrade

I thought it was a good idea I updated you all on the filtering platform upgrade from yesterday. I am told that all appears successful and we have today experienced a day of expected performance levels. Proactive monitoring has also … Continue reading

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Pro active internet monitoring on HICS

I am regularly being asked what radicalisation monitoring HICS schools can deploy so I thought I should blog on the subject. Whilst no filtering service is 100% reliable, I am confident that the existing filtering platform (Netsweeper) currently protects children … Continue reading

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Prepare yourself for SSL inspection

I have added a new page onto the blog, I strongly suggest you read it: As explained in the above URL, Google advise they will be making some changes and this will impact your school. If you wish to continue with … Continue reading

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