HICS Management

Who manages HICS?

The service is managed by HCC Corporate IT staff working in close association with the Herts ICT Team.  Day-to-day monitoring of the service and your immediate point of contact for any complaints (or compliments) or service issues not successfully resolved by the Service Desk is Kevin Crawley.

For many years the consultation with schools about  HICS and HGfL has been through the ICT in Schools Partnership Working Group … or PWG as it is affectionately (sometimes) known.  PWG has a wide remit covering all aspects of ICT in teaching and learning and school management.  Now that HICS is a distinct service for which schools will pay directly it has been agreed to establish a HICS Steering Group with some overlap of membership between this new body and the PWG.  School representatives on the HICS Steering Group will be nominated by the Hertfordshire Headteacher Associations but will not necessarily be Headteachers themselves.  Both the PWG and the HICS Steering Group will meet termly.

Update: July 2012
Well … the above was true when I wrote it a year ago.  Since then the governance arrangements for HICS have rather been overtaken by the decision to radically change the nature of our part of the Children’s Services Department.  We expect this to become clearer during autumn 2012 and although this may mean a big change in our relationship to HCC we are not expecting any changes to the way we manage the HICS contract on behalf of schools.  However it seems that all of this needs to be sorted out before the details of how schools can participate in the management of the HICS contract will be decided.