Who is this site for?

This site is designed as an aid and reference point for any technical staff providing ICT connectivity support to HICS sites.  It aims to be the place to find all technical information and documents relating to the HICS service.  Anyone is welcome to use the site whether they are school or HCC employees or external providers engaged by schools.  You don’t need to hide your identity!  We are happy to support all suppliers chosen by our schools or other sites.

This is a public site and you are welcome to just browse but if you register and login (see the bar at the top of the screen) you will be able to leave comments on most pages and I will also keep you updated with the occasional email.

We hope that you will leave comments as another aim is to encourage more interaction and mutual support between schools.

Registered users will effectively form the email distribution list for technical updates and announcements about HICS.  If you are a headteacher who likes to be copied into all such emails to your staff or suppliers then please register.

So what exactly is HICS … I thought this was the HGfL?

The Hertfordshire Grid for Learning (HGfL) has been around since the end of the 1990s.  It was the name that we gave to the service that connected Hertfordshire maintained schools to the Internet and it is also the name of the main website through which HCC communicates with its schools.  But times change:

  1. Increasingly the great majority of users just associate HGfL with the website.  Just a few techies (sadly that’s most likely to be anyone reading this) still think of it primarily as a network.
  2. The connectivity service is now available to the whole family of Hertfordshire schools … not just the maintained ones.
  3. The connectivity service is available to a wider range of users who will, over time, join the network and share costs.

So HICS it is … Hertfordshire Internet and Connectivity Services … and HGfL remains as the name of the website only.