Speed issues on the Updata transparent proxy

We are investigating reports that schools on the old network are experiencing performance issues on their transparent proxy. Updata are dealing with this. Please note that this is not impacting schools who have migrated over to the RM network.


Kevin Crawley

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Data Protection

Data Protection – authorisation required for Internet Filtering – please action

The following has been sent to all Head Teachers of schools that have singed up to the new HICS service.  If you are a network manager can I ask you speak to your Head Teacher about this as soon as possible.

Herts for learning (HfL) is now required by law to ask for authorisation to manage the online filtering at your school. One key benefit of the HICS service is that we can support schools with internet filtering, enabling central and localised protection for your staff and pupils. In order to continue to manage this filtering for your school in the way we do now, we are legally required to seek your agreement to continue to:

  • take proactive action if we detect issues with connectivity at your school
  • troubleshoot and diagnose potential breaches in security
  • provide access to run filtering reports on the behalf of the school
  • reset users passwords remotely

Please follow the link Click Here to a DocuSign form that will ensure you get the very best from the new and improved HICS service.

If you have any questions relating to the HICS transition, please visit our frequently asked questions on the HICS website link to FAQ – HICS  or contact the HfL IT Service Desk on 01438 844777 (opt. 1 then opt. 2) / help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk.

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Training Resources (September 2017)

Please click here for the latest training resources relating to the new HICS network delivered in partnership with RM Education.  Currently these videos only relate to RM SafetyNet more resources will be added shortly.

Please be aware in the coming weeks a new HICS website will be launched with all content geared towards the new features offered by RM.

If you have any questions relating to the new HICS network please contact help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk.

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Transparent Proxy

We are investigating a potential problem with the transparent proxy service which is affecting several schools. We will update this post as soon as we have further information.

Please let us know if you are experiencing problems by emailing help@sd.hertsforlearning.co.uk

Many thanks

Jenny Collins

Service Desk Manager

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SSL Inspection

As part of the migration to the new HICS network it’s important that you deploy the RM SafetyNet SSL certificate to your network computers and any standalone devices,  as SSL inspection will be turned on for all sites from the day you migrate.  Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

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