Internet drop out

The internet went down earlier this afternoon but we believe it is now up and running. Please contact us if you are still having problems or if you have any queries. We will provide more details in due course. Apologies for yet another outage.

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New HICS Contract – FAQ’s

Please click here for the first version of the FAQ’s for the new HICS contract delivered in partnership with RM Broadband.  If you have any other questions not answered by the FAQ’s then please contact

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HICs Network – Full Service Restored

Good Morning

Following a rollback of the whole system undertaken by Updata last night, we believe that all connectivity services are now working as expected.  If this is not the case for your school, please let us know via the ICT Service Desk on 01438 844777 Option 1 and then 2

Thank you for your patience over the past few days.  We are fully aware of how disruptive this must have been to you all, and we will be expecting a full incident report from Updata in due course

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HICS Network – Further Update

Updata have completed the roll back of the service now.   However, SSL inspection is currently on for all sites, the result of this is visiting Google or YouTube you will receive a security error.  We have asked Updata to revert this as soon as possible.  A workaround is to deploy the Updata SSL certificate to your network or standalone device a guide can be found at “”.

We apologise for the continued disruption, a full report will be issued once the incident has been resolved.

Kind Regards,

Lewis Richardson

Head of Technology Services Development

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HICs Problems – Further Update

Good morning all

Unfortunately, there are continuing issues with the HICs network this morning. Most of the issues are fixed but the SSL Inspection problems are still present.

We can only apologise for the continued disruption, and assure you that we are doing everything we can to get the service restored

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